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Is Charlie Sheen Dead?

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How Music can Save a Life

The American Heart Association found a creative way to inform people about CPR.  The Hands Symphony is an interactive web page that allows people to create their own music and rhythm.  Visitors can click on any of the 12 hands which can clap with different rhythm and noises at the same time.  People can choose from genres like “Dance,” “Hip-hop,” and “Latin.”  The Hands Symphony is part of the Hands-Only CPR campaign, which encourages people to perform CPR on individuals after calling 9-1-1. The website also shows a CPR demonstration, an iPhone app and a short web film. So, go online and check it out!

Best Posters from the Flight of the Conchords show

One of my favorite shows was the Flight of the Conchords (FOTC), which featured a folk band FOTC on a quest to become famous, or at least get a gig.  The comedy show featured Bret and Jermaine, which were also their real-life names, who were recent immigrants from New Zealand to New York City.  Bret and Jermaine’s manager, Murray, also works in the New Zealand consulate.  Every episode, when the band has a band meeting in Murray’s office, a new, promotional poster is on his wall.  Here are some of them:

1. New Zealand…ROCKS!!!

2. New Zealand: Why not?

3. New Zealand.  Like Lord of the Rings.

4. New Zealand: Don’t Expect too much.  You Will Love it.

5. New Zealand, Take your Mum

6. New Zealand – Cool!