Week 1

1. Fast Company: How TED Connects the Idea-Hungry Elite

TED, which stands from Technology Entertainment and Design, a group that holds conferences around the world.  Clips of their conferences are posted on their website.

I believe that TED does what many scientists do.  Scientists know that by sharing their new discoveries or ideas leads to other people finding more discoveries.  In 2009, “TED ran an operating surplus of more than $2 million last year, which was reinvested into expanding its reach.”  Even thoguh it seems contrary to logic, the more TED shares iself with people, the more popular they become.

2. Seth Godin on the tribes we lead

Seth Godin, one of my favorite inspirational speakers, talked about taking an idea and making it big.  He emphasized the importance of leadership.  That in order to make change, you have to lead by example, even if it means facing opposition or just looking crazy.  He said that you can easily find a group of people who have similar interests and view points to make positive change and create a movement.  A leader can easily find a group of people who will follow and support your cause.  It is much easier to accomplish something with a lot of people rather than just yourself.

3. Inc: How to Build Your Personal Brand

It makes sense to view yourself as a brand. Now that the economy has created an even more competative job market, you cannot afford to take yourself lightly.  You must do all you can to stand out in a positive way.  Just like a product, you must ask yourself “What are my benefits and how am I better than the alternative?”

The first suggestion this article made was to find an “area of expertise.” What are you good at?  Next, use the web towards your advantage. Create a website that explains about yourself and what you offer. The article also stated that clients have said they wanted to hire the person because the website let them get to know the person.  After creating the website, you want to blog and write about your interests, or in areas where you want a job.

I think that this is a very realistic thing that many college students like myself can accomplish. So many times we think about what the employer might want instead of figuring out who we are and what we can do to improve how others view us.  Creating a website is cheap and easy and so is blogging. You don’t have an excuse to not have one.

4. Inc: Markus Frind works one hour a day on his website and brings in $10 million a year

Markus Frind is the owner of Plenty of Fish, wich is a free online dating site.  In the article, Frind was described as lazy but smart.  His website is doing very well for a small company even with competators like match.com.  In 2008, PlentyofFish.com had $10 million in revenue. He’s an example of a succesful individual who does things unconventionally.

Frind is also known for posting one of his AdSense checks online when Google was still becoming popular.  I actually remember seeing that picture on forums and websites when I first became interested in making websites.  Frinds check was used as an example of why everyone should use and can make money with AdSense, even if you have a smaller website.

5. The New Yorker: Why the revolution will not be tweeted. Reading this article made me think of the riots in Cairo.  Even though President  Hosni Mubarak shut down the internet, people are still rioting.  The riots actually seem to be growing rather diminishing.  Besides, tweeting an event would just be notifying the police or government about what people plan on doing. The author also gave historical examples when they didn’t have advanced technology.  The French Revolution didn’t need twitter or facebook.  They needed will power and a pitch fork.  Besides, just twittering about something doesn’t actually do anything.


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