The Social Life of Ford

Ford Motor Company has a thriving social life. Online. This is mainly due to Scott Monty who is the global digital communications chief.  He is on Fast Company‘s Influence Project and  ranks 43. Fast Company recently interviewed him on how he conducts Ford’s advertising.

Monty’s idea of advertising seems to be combining the new medium with the old. He tries to connect with people through social media rather than just tweeting all the time. Monty’s goal is to “humanize Ford.”  His advertising is based on the idea that individuals trust other individuals and not large corporations.

I think what Monty is doing is relevant and successful.  One of the ads he’s done is take videos submitted by regular people showing what they love about their ford.  The ad has gone on TV but also on youtube.  This way, people can always see the commercial even when it’s not on the air.

One of the ads Ford’s done was a commercial on how to survive a zombie attack.  It’s unconventional, not very funny, but creative.  It’s something that will help Ford become part of the viral world.  Monty is improving people’s views of Ford by engaging with them.


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