Wexley School for Girls

No, Wexley is not an actual school for girls, but Wexley School for Girls is an ad agency, if you can describe it as that. Wexley is far from traditional. Tired of old generic, billboard ads, a lot of their promotions are guerilla style advertising. And it seems to be working.

One of their campaigns was to promote a lesser known ski resort. Rather than going out and buying out ad space, Wexley decided to hire actors in ski outfits and put snow in a down town area in Texas. Their stunt not only drew attention from pedestrians but it got media coverage as well.

I love their style of advertising. It reminds me of my days in the Fine Arts department where they encouraged rule breaking and taking a risk. My art teachers would often rave about pasting unauthorized artwork on local businesses and bridges.  Illegal but it was spreading the word of art. Wexley is an example of passionate individuals who challenge themselves and the old way of doing things.


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