Something Bought

Normally, I don’t like watching ads.  I hate the local commercial where the car dealer’s blond daughter talks about why you should buy a Chevy from her dad. But there are some commercials that I want to watch. Like the Old Spice commercials or the Doritos commercial. Funny thing is though, I never bought an Old Spice product or a bag of Doritos after watching these commercials. First of all, I’m not a man, nor do I shop for a man, so buying an Old Spice deodorant wouldn’t make sense. Seondly, I don’t like Doritos that much. Seeing a commercial doesn’t change my view about the taste. So what does convince me to buy something; what was the last thing I bought something because of an ad?

It was the year 2010 and I don’t remember the month. News of a young man named Antoine Dodson was becoming a popular viral hit. A local news station reported on a young woman being a victim of an attempted rapist whose brother Dodson saved her. Soon after the news broke, a popular youtube channel called “Autotune the News” decided to turn the clip into a song. It became a national hit. Dodson was interviewed by several news stations like NBC and CBS, while the “Bed Intruder” song rose to the top 50 songs on iTunes. Many youtubers were doing spoofs of  Dodson’s first news interview. But some people decided to use his popularity to promote products.

When I saw Dodson’s ad, in the form of a youtube video, for a Sex Offender Tracker App, I was intrigued. The commercial was funny and used revised, comedic lines from Dodson’s news interview. The app had credibility because who else is most notorious for saving girls from sex offenders? I also wanted to buy the app because it would be a funny story to tell my friends. “Hey, guess what I just bought. Yeah, I bought an Antoine Dodson approved sex offender app!” Not to mention the app was only $1.99.


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