Journalism + Programming

According to a PBS article, the future of journalism is either:

1. Journalists will learn technology development.

2. Technology developers will learn journalism.

3. Journalists and technology professionals will learn to collaborate.

The article talked about how Knight News Challenge gave scholarships for programmers to learn journalism, and for journalists to learn programming. The program seems to be a success. One example of journalism and programming is Politifact, which helps determine the truthfulness of political facts. Their website showcases the “Truth-O-Meter” which visually shows the truthfulness of statements made by politicians.

Now days, it’s harder to get a job if you don’t know how to start a website, or if you dont’ know how to use twitter. So how much more would it make sense to learn programming. If a journalist knows programming, they could end up making their own site, and perhaps making a career out of it. For the programmers, this idea seems to help them come up with relevant apps and software.


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