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Understanding the Libyan Crisis…

… through Angry Birds


Dwight Schrute: A Powerful Pitching Tool

When anyone mentions Dwight Schrute, most everybody will know who he is: a quirky but regimented paper salesman who works for Dunder Mifflin.  He goes out of his way to trump his co-workers, but that’s why everyone loves him. When Michael Smart created an article, he knew the kind of appeal Dwight has and used it to make her article and pitch relevant.

Smart’s article was about “socially distinct characters.”  But he needed to find a way to make the information relatable to the average audience. Because of Smart’s decision to utilitze Dwight in her paper, he got published in TIME.

This article is an example of taking some boring information and making it relatable to the public. There aren’t a lot of people who want to read about the work place, but there are a lot of people who want to read about Dwight. It’s attention grabbing.

With more and more content being released on the Internet, it’s getting harder to get noticed. Even large companies are struggling. So, you can’t afford to create boring content and expect to be noticed.


The Life Cycle of a Tweet

So many organizations think that they can just get a twitter account and automatically be winning in their marketing campaign.  But according to Steve Rubel, it’s not always the case.

Merely having a twitter account is not worth bragging about. The likely hood of a tweet getting re-tweeted or replied to is rare. There are about a 110 million daily tweets, but the tweets themselves live the life of the fast and furious. They are easily created and just as quickly forgotten.

Only 23 percent of tweets get replies and only 6 percent get re-tweeted. Only 85 percent get only one reply, and 92 percent of the re-tweets are within the first hour. This means that timing is crucial and your tweets have to be compelling, relevant, or funny.

Beware of Pigeons

When in London, beware of the pigeons! According to this website , pigeons are dangerous because of the diseases they carry.

Daughters of the American Revolution…Bla Bla Bla

Sometimes, don’t you just wish you were a part of the Daughters of the American Revolution society (DAR)?  What is DAR you ask?  It’s an exclusive club, but the most important qualification is that you have to be a descendent of someone “who aided in achieving American independence.”  Ya, that pretty much narrows down the application process. Here are the rest of the qualifications to be a part of DAR.

Marshmallow People

Film Cow came out with another funny video. Watch this demented but funny vid. (Check out thier other videos like Charlie the Unicorn!)

Six Funny Tweets about RebeccaBlack

Don’t ask me why I have six. #itsokaytoberandom