The Birth of a Great Product: iPod

It’s hard to imagine that just ten years ago, people used CD players. There weren’t very many mp3 player and no iPod. Today, it seems like everyone owns an iPod. An article about the birth of the iPod explained how Apple found a way to take advantage of opportunities.

Apple’s strength was seeing a need, and then determining to create a product that met the need. The article mentioned that Toshiba had developed memory chips that were slimmer, but didn’t know what to do with it. Another reason Apple was trying to create a mp3 player was that music downloading was very popular, but it wasn’t being downloaded on iTunes. Cleverly, the iPod was a product that was meant to work with iTunes.

Not only was the iPod useful, but it had a sleek design, for the early 2000’s. It was unique and different looking. The name, also, was catchy, with the “i” being a first person representation. I would definitely¬†vote the iPod as one of the products that revolutionized technology.


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