Behind Apple’s Design

Behind every great product, is a great designer. For Apple, that designer is Jonathan Ive. I don’t think there are many Apple products where I think, “hmmm, this looks really ugly and I hate the way it looks.” Ive and Apple makes sure that manufacturing process for the products don’t sacrifice form. When Apple’s G5 came out, Ive had an interview with Wired where Ive talked about the features and the philosophy of the product.

“There’s an applied style of being minimal and simple, and then there’s real simplicity,” Ive said. “This looks simple, because it really is.”

Every Apple product that comes out is realiable and well-designed, but not cheap. Apple doesn’t have to compete by lowering their prices. They win in the market by creating excellent products that are cool. I have owned my macbook for about five years, and I’m hooked. I don’t think I want to buy another PC product if I don’t have to.


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