Great Visionaries

Throughout history, there have been a handful of greats that have forever impacted life.  Those people are like: Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Steve Jobs. Yes, Jobs is still alive but why not already view him as  an individual who changed modern technology. Apple, the company wich Jobs is in charge of, is always coming out with new products that stand out. I know whenever Apple makes a products, all the other companies try to copy what Apple does. It’s a sign for Apple that they are the best at what they do.

Another reason why Jobs is significant is because at one point, Apple was almost bankrupt, but with the help of Jobs, they got out of debt. According to CNN, Apple is now more valuable than Google. It seems that with every product launch, Apple’s stock keeps on rising. Apple can thank a lot of their success to Jobs.  Sometimes it take a single individual to change the face of a company and make it great.


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Throughout my life, I've had the opportunity to travel to different countries and experience a new way of life. There are a lot of great things that go unnoticed or have yet to be created, and that is why I started this blog. Aside from blogging, I enjoy exploring nature, painting and spending time with friends. I also love meeting new people and sharing my stories. View all posts by hannahsachie

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