Steve Jobs & the iPad

When I first saw the iPad, I was skeptical. It was just a big iPhone. But after using the iPad a few times, and seeing others use it, I really want one. My MacBook is getting old, and an iPad is an affordable option. I’ve decided to get one when I graduate.

Just like I had apprehensions about the iPad, I’m sure others did as well. But Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple, was one of the men responsible for the launch of the iPad. A year ago, the Times wrote an article about Jobs and the first iPad.

I guess you could say, all this innovation comes from a unique and odd man. Jobs has ben fired from Apple, the company he helped start, and then was re-hired. His outfit usually consists of black turtle necks and Levi jeans. Say what you will about Jobs, but because of him, Apple has created numerous innovatively sleek items.


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