Transgendered Teens

How I would use the internet to gain awareness and understanding about transgendered teens?

The internet can be a powerful tool if harnessed properly. Transgendered teens are often an overlooked and misunderstood.

The first thing I would do is pick a few transgendered teens, maybe five, to have cameras document their life. The video footage would them be edited and turned into a mini-web series, like a reality TV show. Except this reality show wouldn’t be scripted. These teens would be from different parts of the US, some from large cities and others from small towns. Perhaps one of the teens is the only transgender in town, while another has a support group in their time.

Videos and the profiles of the each teen would be posted on a website. The teens featured on the website would have their own Facebook page and Twitter account so fans can follow them. The web series would have part of the content posted on Youtube to advertise the mini series and bring people to the website.

The website would also be a helpful resource for information about transgendered people, especially teens. The website would have a separate page for the information section. The information section would facts and news stories about transgendered teens as well as helpful, encouraging messages for them.

Another portion of the website would be dedicated towards talented transgendered teens. The page would show videos and pictures of successful transgender individuals who have made it and overcome persecution in the real world. Photos, inverviews, and videos of talented and successful transgender people.


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Throughout my life, I've had the opportunity to travel to different countries and experience a new way of life. There are a lot of great things that go unnoticed or have yet to be created, and that is why I started this blog. Aside from blogging, I enjoy exploring nature, painting and spending time with friends. I also love meeting new people and sharing my stories. View all posts by hannahsachie

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