Tulsa is Growing

Tulsa’s populations is growing. To further expand on this topic, there are several things I would do:

1. I would interview people who have recently moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. I would ask them why they chose to move to Tulsa and why they left their previous abode. I would also find out from where those people moved from. There might be certain benefits that Tulsa has the other cities don’t.

2. I would compare Tulsa’s estimated living expenses and compare them to the places, especially the locations where people recently moved from. I would compare things like gas prices, apartment and house rates, average cost of groceries, and other daily expenses.

3. I would find young individuals, especially college graduates, and ask them why they stayed in Tulsa. I would also ask them if they planned on staying in Oklahoma or if they plan on moving somewhere else.

4. I would find out what Oklahoma’s birth rate is like. Because if the birth rate is high, then it could be a contribution to the population growth.

I would post this information on a website, but in a visual list form. For example “10 Reasons Why Tulsa is Growing,” The visual would list interesting reason why  people are moving to Tulsa, but some lists would also have interesting facts about Tulsa. This way, people can gain information about Tulsa without having to read a novel about it.


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