Harsh Sentence: Living in the Bible Belt

The Tulsa World is posting a series of videos of women, or mothers, in prison and the effect it has on the family. In a rural Oklahoma town, a mother got sentenced to 12 years in prison for selling a small amount of pot.

Though I don’t support drug use, I feel that this sentence is extreme. After watching the video, it’s sad to see that the judge is proud of her decision. I don’t think that the mother is an extreme drug addict, but was merely trying to support her family and drugs was an easy way to do that. Rather than sentencing the mom to 12 years in jail, I think there should be more proactive measures, like a program that educates mothers so they can have higher wages, while telling them the dangers of drugs.

If the best solution is to prevent people from committing the same offenses, then Oklahoma should find that solution. What if putting someone in jail for 10 years just for one incident isn’t helpful? What then? I’m just going to say that the justice system might need a makeover.


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