• My full name is Hannah Sachie Brooker
  • I am a student of Oklahoma State University majoring in Strategic Communications with a focus in Advertising.
  • I work full-time and go to college full-time.
  • I have lived in Japan for three years and am fairly experienced with the culture and language.
  • I can play the harp and piano.
  • My favorite foods are Mediterranean, Mexican, and Japanese.
  • I am currently developing my own websties, while discovering my passions.

Here are links of my online profiles:


  • Meeting new people and making friends: I believe that in order to succeed in life, you must first succeed with people.  You can’t expect your career and personal life to grow if you treat people like crap.  It’s better to gain friends rather than to gain enemies.
  • Traveling and experiencing new cultures: So many times I have encountered people who are closed minded about another country’s culture, food, or accent.  Yet, many times, those people have never been outside of America, don’t speak a foreign language, and are seemingly content with their current lifestyle.  I think that traveling and living in a foreign country not only cultures an individual but gives them skills to better communicate with all different types of people.
  • Challenging myself: In order to grow, a person must expand in some area.  They must adapt to a culture that is always changing. The old way of doing things may not work in two years.  For me, challenging myself might consist of baby steps like taking a yoga class; or it might consist of entering into an advertising competition.
  • Stock trading and investing: Whether you are a plumber or a banker, everyone needs to invest, especially if they want to retire comfortably. In order to be good at investing and earning money, one must study and learn about it.  For me, I haven’t had much formal training on investing, but I have read books and online magazines that inform people about investing and gaining wealth.  Currently, I have an account with zecco.com and am activly trading.  Though I have not had a significant on my return yet, I consider trading a learning process.  In the future, thgouh, I plan to gain significant wealth through investing.
  • Humor, or anything funny, random, or unexpected: I love comedy.  It is part of my personality.  I love watching funny, online videos, or browsing through random, funny websites.  Sometimes I do things or react in a way just to make people laugh.  If laughter is the best medicine, then humor is a necessity.  Currently, I am working on my own, funny websites.
  • Online lifestyles: Ever since attending college, I have become obsessed with learning about how websites and the online world works.  I love the leverage that can be achieved through creating a website.  A 14 year-old girl could have as much leverage and followers as a website like Vouge.com.
  • Viral news:I enjoy finding and discovering viral news.  Though it might sound like a kitschy thing to be interested in, now days, it seems news channels, even CNN, report on viral videos daily.  I guess it is an example of news adapting to culture, because more poeple will watch Antoine Dodson rather than the war in Iraq.


Japan, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, and America.





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