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Dwight Schrute: A Powerful Pitching Tool

When anyone mentions Dwight Schrute, most everybody will know who he is: a quirky but regimented paper salesman who works for Dunder Mifflin.  He goes out of his way to trump his co-workers, but that’s why everyone loves him. When Michael Smart created an article, he knew the kind of appeal Dwight has and used it to make her article and pitch relevant.

Smart’s article was about “socially distinct characters.”  But he needed to find a way to make the information relatable to the average audience. Because of Smart’s decision to utilitze Dwight in her paper, he got published in TIME.

This article is an example of taking some boring information and making it relatable to the public. There aren’t a lot of people who want to read about the work place, but there are a lot of people who want to read about Dwight. It’s attention grabbing.

With more and more content being released on the Internet, it’s getting harder to get noticed. Even large companies are struggling. So, you can’t afford to create boring content and expect to be noticed.



The Life Cycle of a Tweet

So many organizations think that they can just get a twitter account and automatically be winning in their marketing campaign.  But according to Steve Rubel, it’s not always the case.

Merely having a twitter account is not worth bragging about. The likely hood of a tweet getting re-tweeted or replied to is rare. There are about a 110 million daily tweets, but the tweets themselves live the life of the fast and furious. They are easily created and just as quickly forgotten.

Only 23 percent of tweets get replies and only 6 percent get re-tweeted. Only 85 percent get only one reply, and 92 percent of the re-tweets are within the first hour. This means that timing is crucial and your tweets have to be compelling, relevant, or funny.

Harsh Sentence: Living in the Bible Belt

The Tulsa World is posting a series of videos of women, or mothers, in prison and the effect it has on the family. In a rural Oklahoma town, a mother got sentenced to 12 years in prison for selling a small amount of pot.

Though I don’t support drug use, I feel that this sentence is extreme. After watching the video, it’s sad to see that the judge is proud of her decision. I don’t think that the mother is an extreme drug addict, but was merely trying to support her family and drugs was an easy way to do that. Rather than sentencing the mom to 12 years in jail, I think there should be more proactive measures, like a program that educates mothers so they can have higher wages, while telling them the dangers of drugs.

If the best solution is to prevent people from committing the same offenses, then Oklahoma should find that solution. What if putting someone in jail for 10 years just for one incident isn’t helpful? What then? I’m just going to say that the justice system might need a makeover.

Luchapalooza Tulsa

Luchapalooza from Kelly Kerr on Vimeo.

During the fall, Tulsa, OK hosted a 2010 Luchapalooza luchador wrestling event.  Kelly Kerr posted a video on vimeo showcasing the event.

The video is colorful and shows the wrestlers as well as the audience. I like how the video shows the tall buildings in the background, making Tulsa seem like a big metropolitan city. I also like how the video has shots of the wrestlers and their masks.

What I don’t like is how the video is edited. The film itself is great, but I wish there were more background noises instead of a repetitive Mexican song. I think this video is nice and informative, but not super interesting.

Since I am on the subject of Tulsa and Luchadors, I will now mention that Elote, an organic Mexican restaurant in down town Tulsa, hosts mini luchador events. Located in between 5th and 6th of Boston street, they buy their food locally and are environmentally conscious. The best time to go is on Tuesday from 5:30 to close because they serve puffy tacos for $2! (It’s probably one of the best tacos I’ve ever had.) They have chicken, beef and sweet potato tacos, and your dinner comes with free, fresh, organic chips and salsa. Afterwards, you can go across the street to Mod’s for $2 gelato.  I urge every Tulsan to go if they have not yet gone.

NYC 2001

Two days after the World Trade Center was destroyed by al-Queda, award winning director Ray Farkas recorded a video of people’s reactions to the event. It’s interesting to see how old 10 years ago looks, especially if you lived through that time period. The video itself is reminiscent of a 90’s style recording.

Farkas, who was recording about a touchy subject, used film to show, not tell, as story.  He recorded the views and opinions about regular New Yorkers, not just the “important” people. Another strong aspect of the video is that it doesn’t force an opinion on you, it just tells a story from different view points.  Some people were ready to support a war while others were unsure how to capture an elusive enemy.

Tulsa is Growing

Tulsa’s populations is growing. To further expand on this topic, there are several things I would do:

1. I would interview people who have recently moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. I would ask them why they chose to move to Tulsa and why they left their previous abode. I would also find out from where those people moved from. There might be certain benefits that Tulsa has the other cities don’t.

2. I would compare Tulsa’s estimated living expenses and compare them to the places, especially the locations where people recently moved from. I would compare things like gas prices, apartment and house rates, average cost of groceries, and other daily expenses.

3. I would find young individuals, especially college graduates, and ask them why they stayed in Tulsa. I would also ask them if they planned on staying in Oklahoma or if they plan on moving somewhere else.

4. I would find out what Oklahoma’s birth rate is like. Because if the birth rate is high, then it could be a contribution to the population growth.

I would post this information on a website, but in a visual list form. For example “10 Reasons Why Tulsa is Growing,” The visual would list interesting reason why  people are moving to Tulsa, but some lists would also have interesting facts about Tulsa. This way, people can gain information about Tulsa without having to read a novel about it.

Transgendered Teens

How I would use the internet to gain awareness and understanding about transgendered teens?

The internet can be a powerful tool if harnessed properly. Transgendered teens are often an overlooked and misunderstood.

The first thing I would do is pick a few transgendered teens, maybe five, to have cameras document their life. The video footage would them be edited and turned into a mini-web series, like a reality TV show. Except this reality show wouldn’t be scripted. These teens would be from different parts of the US, some from large cities and others from small towns. Perhaps one of the teens is the only transgender in town, while another has a support group in their time.

Videos and the profiles of the each teen would be posted on a website. The teens featured on the website would have their own Facebook page and Twitter account so fans can follow them. The web series would have part of the content posted on Youtube to advertise the mini series and bring people to the website.

The website would also be a helpful resource for information about transgendered people, especially teens. The website would have a separate page for the information section. The information section would facts and news stories about transgendered teens as well as helpful, encouraging messages for them.

Another portion of the website would be dedicated towards talented transgendered teens. The page would show videos and pictures of successful transgender individuals who have made it and overcome persecution in the real world. Photos, inverviews, and videos of talented and successful transgender people.