Six Funny Tweets about RebeccaBlack

Don’t ask me why I have six. #itsokaytoberandom








For Japan

With all the disaster that has happened to Japan, I’ve decided to give all the commission I earn on my zazzle products to help with the relief.  It’s not a lot, but it’s something. Obviously, if you really want to help Japan, you should just give your money to charity. I’ve donated some already to the Red Cross.  But, if you want to donate money while having a button that shows your love for Japan, than this might be something for you.  (The button, written in kanji,  basically means “I heart Japan.”)

The Better Friday Song

As everyone may know by now, Rebecca Black came out with an all-time classic song called “Friday.”  But here’s a better version, sung by Bob Dylan.

(Okay, it’s not really Bob Dylan, but it sounds like him so, it’s still cool.)


Still Funny

Brought to you by the Elders of the Internet.

For those of you who love Brit comedy, you might like this.  It’s an information video about the Internet.  It’s something everyone’s mom might need to know about.  It’s old, but it’s still funny.

“If anything were to happen to (the Internet) box…society would tear itself apart, like an angry child with a napkin.”

Understanding Japan’s Nuclear Crisis: the Cartoon Version

This cute video give visual aid and helps explain about the nuclear reactor trouble in Japan. It’s in Japanese but is subbed.

Help Japan by donating to the Red Cross.

A Very Unique Way to Help Japan…

The V2 electronic cigarette wants to help Japan, as tweeted by Jesus_M_Christ. For every starter kit bought, V2vie will donate ten dollars to the Red Cross’ effort in helping the catastrophe in Japan. I guess you can feel better about making a healthier choice while making a charitable donation.

CLICK HERE to donate to the Japanese relief efforts!

Harsh Sentence: Living in the Bible Belt

The Tulsa World is posting a series of videos of women, or mothers, in prison and the effect it has on the family. In a rural Oklahoma town, a mother got sentenced to 12 years in prison for selling a small amount of pot.

Though I don’t support drug use, I feel that this sentence is extreme. After watching the video, it’s sad to see that the judge is proud of her decision. I don’t think that the mother is an extreme drug addict, but was merely trying to support her family and drugs was an easy way to do that. Rather than sentencing the mom to 12 years in jail, I think there should be more proactive measures, like a program that educates mothers so they can have higher wages, while telling them the dangers of drugs.

If the best solution is to prevent people from committing the same offenses, then Oklahoma should find that solution. What if putting someone in jail for 10 years just for one incident isn’t helpful? What then? I’m just going to say that the justice system might need a makeover.