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A Better Blog Post for Everyone

From individual website owners to notorious dictators, we all want cool, new ways to improve our online presence. Whenever I blog, sometimes I can’t find pictures of what fits the content of my post. Sometimes, I want to present information, but without the boring charts. Well, I think I’ve found the solution to my answer with special data visualization aids. I found this information from a Pynter article and decided to check it out myself.


Word cloud takes words from articles or documents and arranges them into a visual presentation. To show you an example, here’s a word cloud of Muammar Gaddafi’s Wikipedia page.


Dipity allows people to set up a visual, interactive timeline. It also has a scroll ability, so it wont take up a lot of physical space. Once again, it’s easier to show an example, so here’s a link Muammar Gaddafi’s-or is it Muammar Qaddafi’s-Dipity timeline.


Batchegeo is where you take data, and incorporate it into a map. I’m still not 100 percent grasping the concept of this but I guess you can group information together on the map.

Twit Widgets

Twitter widgets allow you to embed a widget of tweets either of your tweets, or tweets on a certain subject. Just choose a keyword, and it’ll post tweets where people have hash tagged the word.

I think it is important for bloggers and web journalists to incorporate free, online resources to build a professional website.