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Apparently, my Web Analytics have been Deceiving me

A lot of websites mention how many hits their website gets in a month. But have you ever though about how accurate those numbers are? According to an article by Dorian Benkoil, on Poynter.com, tracking site traffic isn’t always what it seems.

If you’re wondering why this is a big deal, you might want to ask the ad agencies who pay money to get their advertising on websites. Ad agencies and business owners don’t want to spend extra money if they don’t have to. Though Benkoil stated that online analytics is the most accurate, there are still some discrepancies.

I never thought about how site visit were counted. Like whenever the same person visits a website on firefox and safari, it’s counted as two people visiting the site. Also, the article mentioned how counting cookies can’t always be measured accurately.

This article shows the importance of being knowledgeable in subjects relating to your career. It also is an example of relating to a source of income. As an advertising student, it’s good for me to learn about how it works.