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Daughters of the American Revolution…Bla Bla Bla

Sometimes, don’t you just wish you were a part of the Daughters of the American Revolution society (DAR)?  What is DAR you ask?  It’s an exclusive club, but the most important qualification is that you have to be a descendent of someone “who aided in achieving American independence.”  Ya, that pretty much narrows down the application process. Here are the rest of the qualifications to be a part of DAR.


A Very Unique Way to Help Japan…

The V2 electronic cigarette wants to help Japan, as tweeted by Jesus_M_Christ. For every starter kit bought, V2vie will donate ten dollars to the Red Cross’ effort in helping the catastrophe in Japan. I guess you can feel better about making a healthier choice while making a charitable donation.

CLICK HERE to donate to the Japanese relief efforts!